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Boosting your immune system

Word document for boosting your immune system.

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The Chakra-s

Modern science is beginning to go back to old ideas about us, that we are holistic beings, and that all the different aspects of ourselves are related, and affect each other. But for a long while our society, and particularly perhaps medicine, has tried to understand people by dividing them up into different headings, and then looking at those different headings as though they were completely discrete from each other. The yogis knew, thousands of years ago, that we were extremely complex, and that all parts of us interrelate. Two models that they used show this particularly well: the model of the five maya-s (often called by the later name of the kosha-s), and the model of the chakra-s.

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Spiritual Transformation part one

In August 2015 I attended a seminar with Kausthub Desikachar on Meditation and Spiritual Transformation. It is a fascinating subject, not least because people use these words to mean many different things. This was an approach rooted firmly in the tradition of yoga.

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Practicing Yoga

Yoga is above all practical: it has to be practised. What is yoga practice? How should we do it?

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Practicing Yoga Part 2 - Off The Mat

There are ways of practising yoga even when we are not on our yoga mat. If we can change our attitudes in our everyday life, we can do so much to become more peaceful and at one with ourself.

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