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Meditation in Yoga.

Many people nowadays think that meditation is about emptying your mind. In yoga it is a bit different:  it means filling your mind so completely with something that is good for us, something nourishing, that there is no room for anything else. But it also recognises that most of us cannot just do that whenever we want, and that we need help to get to that state.

It is one of the subtlest of yoga’s different practices, and the most powerful, as, when you fill your mind with the same thing regularly, its qualities gradually become part of you.

It is of course very important that the ‘something good’ IS something that is helpful for you, and the subject for meditation can therefore change throughout your life. To bring meditation fully into your life, it is best to consult with a teacher who knows what they are talking about, and who practises regularly themselves.

However, it can also be very helpful to have ‘one-off’ sessions, like my regular Thursday online meditations.

Thursdays from 5:15pm to 6:00pm on Zoom, April 11 to July 18 – except for April 25 and May 30.
These meditative practices are suitable for anyone who needs to slow down a little. They can be done lying or sitting and usually use the mind, the voice, the breath and the body just a little.

If the timing doesn’t work for you, I usually manage to record the sessions and send the audio to people.

If you would like to join, you need to download Zoom, which is free, and contact me, and I shall then give you the link for the class.

Payment is on a donation basis – I suggest something between £3 and £8 a session. If you want a receipt, then please can you pay for the full term, and let me know. Please also put Thurs medn as reference when paying.

I am also thinking of doing a morning meditation, to start the day, of just 20 minutes, on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, perhaps at 7.00am. I would send the audio afterwards, as I do on Thursdays. If you would like this, please let me know and tell me which day would suit you best.

'Thank you Sarah. I love your meditation classes. It's as if you read my mind each week.' 'The Meditation was so relaxing and helped my pain'. '...the gentleness, the care and the focus on shoulders/neck was just perfect.'

If you’re not familiar with Zoom or have never used video chat, don’t worry, it’s not much of a learning curve.
You’ll need a computer with a webcam or another device like a laptop, tablet or phone, an internet connection and a Zoom account.

All you have to do is download Zoom to your computer, create a free account, check your email and accept the invite to the meeting.

If you’re not already on Zoom, you can download it here 

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My telephone number is 01258 839 230 or you can email me at If you prefer, click the Contact button to send me a message.

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I am in Milborne St Andrew between Blandford Forum and Dorchester in Dorset. Click the Location button for a map and directions.

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