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Yoga classes

General yoga classes
I design these classes with the intention that, by the end, all who come may feel better than they did at the beginning: more stretched, more mobile, stronger, more relaxed, but also calmer and clearer, more at one with themselves. They are mixed classes, ranging widely in age and ability, with some fit and healthy people, whilst others have quite a few problems.

Because they are small I hope to be able to help all, with their very different needs and capabilities, practise in the best way for them. Typically, these classes comprise physical work, nearly always allied to the breath, relaxation, and often simple meditative practices.

And remember we can always meet individually online, for a class.

Sadly, all face-to-face classes are cancelled for the moment. We’ll start again as soon as possible!

Gentle yoga cancelled

In Milborne St Andrew Village Hall, Thursdays in term time, 2.00-3.00pm. We’ll start again when we can. Many thanks to the hard work of the Village Hall Committee, who have made the place as Covid-secure as possible. The classes cost £22 for 3 classes, or £43 for 6. If you are interested, do contact me.

The Causeway, Milborne St Andrew, Blandford Forum DT11 0JX

Classes at the Dorchester Yoga and Therapy Centre, 14 Trinity St., DT1 1TU

Chair yoga cancelled, 3.00 to 4.00pm, Wednesdays in termtime. 

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga practised sitting on a chair or in a wheelchair, or standing, using a support. It gives the same benefits as an ordinary yoga class and is for people who need to sit down most or all of the time.

Gentle yoga cancelled, 4.15 to 5.15 Wednesdays in termtime. 

This class is suitable for beginners and for people who do not want as physically challenging a class as many yoga classes are nowadays. 

£22 for a block of 3 classes, £43 for 6.

Please do not just turn up to any class – nowadays prior booking is unfortunately essential because of keeping things as safe as possible. 

Individual yoga classes are the best way to effect real change, whether for health, therapy or personal or spiritual development. Generally, several meetings are necessary to evolve a practice which can then serve the person for a while. The first meeting takes longer as I need to get to know you and find out about you. Then a short practice is taught, which the person goes away and practises, ideally every day. Usually the next meeting takes place fairly soon after the first, so that I can see whether the practice needs changing: this may be for a variety of reasons – sometimes the person is ready to progress, sometimes other priorities surface, sometimes the practice needs to be refined, sometimes people just want something different. This pattern of checking and refining continues, with the intervals between classes usually becoming gradually longer. Some people are happy to come for about four classes and then feel that they can be independent for quite a while. Others prefer to continue to come back at intervals, which can be anything from one week upward. Every one is different, everyone unique. Everyone can establish their own pattern.

This is what one person said, after only one visit: ‘Thank you so much for the breathing exercises. They have made a tremendous difference…and I no longer feel I am breathing through cottonwool. I do them regularly every day sitting up in bed with my cup of tea and it’s so relaxing.’

And another wrote: ‘I just wanted to thank you for yesterday. I carried on with slow exhalations all day. By the time I went to bed I was relaxed, normal tiredness, and slept well. I achieved a lot during the afternoon too. Thank you.’

It is easy to meet online with Skype or Zoom – contact me if you are interested.

Cost: £35 per hour

The weekend was well-paced. The practices backed up discussion and philosophy in an organic and apposite way, demonstrating sensitive and thoughtful teaching. I find working in this tradition to be considerate and considered, aware and best of all integrated: breath, body, mind, philosophy all given equal importance so practice is very balanced. This means that although I am aware of working at a different level of consciousness, I feel safe and secure, grounded and whole. It just makes sense to me. Rooting the teaching in everyday experience makes it much more accessible.

A student

Get in touch

My telephone number is 01258 839 230 or you can email me at If you prefer, click the Contact button to send me a message.

My location

I am in Milborne St Andrew between Blandford Forum and Dorchester in Dorset. Click the Location button for a map and directions.

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